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Non-Adherent Dressing Pads, Sterile, Nylon/Polyester, 3 in X 4 In, 100 Count, 12 Packs, 1200 Total



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Product Description

  • Absorbent dressing pads for lightly draining wounds; can be used in combination with other wound care supplies to help protect the wound from debris and infection
  • Non-woven dressing pad with a non-stick formulation for easy removal; does not stick to the wound; promotes efficient healing
  • Individually packed in an easy-to-peel package for rapid access, suitable for single use only to maintain hygiene; disposable for easy clean-up
  • Sterile dressing pads made of latex-free materials, suitable for individuals with latex allergies
  • Sterile rectangle pads measure 3 x 4 inches

Product Description

McKesson Sterile Non-Adherent Dressing Bandage

McKesson Sterile Non-Adherent Dressings are absorbent non-woven pads with a non-stick formulation that will not stick to wounds. Intended for use with lightly draining wounds, these rectangular bandages help facilitate efficient healing and wound care. The sterile, single-use first aid bandages are available in a variety of sizes and are not made with natural rubber latex.

At a Glance:

  • Sterile, non-adhesive bandage pad
  • For use with lightly draining wounds
  • 2 x 3, 3 x 4 or 3 x 8 inches
  • Non-stick woven pad avoids disrupting the wound bed upon removal

Won’t Stick to Wounds

McKesson Sterile Non-Adherent Dressings are specially designed with a non-stick formulation that will not stick to wounds, allowing the bandage to be removed cleanly and easily. The absorbent non-woven pad is non-adhesive and can be affixed as necessary with medical tape.

Sterile Non-Adhesive Bandages

A staple of any medical clinic and first aid kit, non-adherent bandages provide simple but effective wound care for minor cuts and scrapes and lightly draining wounds. McKesson Sterile Non-Adherent Dressings come individually packaged to help promote cleanliness and further protect against infection. They are wrapped in easy-to-peel packaging for quick access.

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We know that wound care presents a variety of business and caregiving challenges. That is why McKesson Brands offers a comprehensive selection of professional medical supplies that help businesses and healthcare facilities save money without compromising quality or performance. McKesson Medical-Surgical also offers a variety of educational resources to assist you in training your staff on the challenges of wound care.

About McKesson: In Business for Better Health

For over 180 years, McKesson has supported providers with the medical supplies they need to care for patients and run a healthy business. McKesson offers more than 300,000 products from leading national brands as well as its own private product label, and a suite of services to help businesses and facilities provide quality care, improve business performance and manage time and expenses. McKesson improves the business of healthcare to help everyone focus on what matters most: patient health.

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2X3 Inch (Pack Of 100), 2 X 3 Inch ( 1200 Ct), 3 X 4 Inch ( 1200 Ct), 3X4 Inch (Pack Of 100), 3 X 8 Inch ( 75 Ct)


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